What is Currently Saving Me – Winter Edition

Modern Mrs. Darcy has a great feature, things that are currently saving her life. These are things that keep us going, bring joy to our lives. Things that are important to us, that we look forward to. Even in the gloomy days of winter!

  1. Our church. We have an amazing pastor, and hearing his sermon every Sunday energizes me for the week!
  2. Reading. There’s nothing better than curling up to read a good book, and be transported somewhere else in the process.

3. Our puppy, who’s now 7 months old! And our new kitty, Nola, who we adopted in early January. She was very nervous at first, but is starting to fit in nicely, even with the dogs. I badly miss our senior dog and cat that both passed away this past summer, but having these two join our family has been a source of joy.

4. On the homeschool front, Gather ‘Round Homeschool has been a great addition to our curriculum. LL started a homeschool class after the holidays. It’s once a week, for 4.5 hours. This co-op is too far from our house to go back and forth, so I needed curriculum that CL and LW could use together while we waited for their little brother at the library near by. I stumbled across Gather ‘Round and realized it was perfect! Because we already had a curriculum we were using, we’re not using it as our sole curriculum. But using the Europe study, we’re learning a lot of geography among other things. We’re doing 1-2 countries a week, and including LL in most of the work. I’m hoping to be able to finish it in time to do the Oceans study at the end of the year, but we shall see. If not, it’s on my list for next year!

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